Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
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2001-01-13 06:57:41 (UTC)

Ya know, I ve had a great day!..

Ya know, I've had a great day! but I'm soooooooo sick of
being contradicted! I was aving a good day BLAH BLAH BLAH
but I go into my yahoo club & dipshits start hasseling me?
I think I know who & am....if you don't, I really don't
give a flying fuck! I went to see the last dance with a few
friends todya & it was da BOMB! Although I felt my titts
were about to fall out of my shirt lol, I was ok! Anyway,
I'm going to be here in manasses VA until monday so I'll be
online at times, & then again I might not be! hehehe!
NEWAY, there were a few cute guys but none interested in
me, (ofcourse) LOL most of them where there with their
girlfriends UUUHHHGGG that's so annoying...especially
concidering the fact that I'm not with any1 at the moment.
EWWW lol. Well I gotta go, I'll be writing
tomarrow...again...PS, Aaron if you're reading this, I'd
love to do sumpin with ya this week!
~ ~
o 0

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