U think u know, but u have no Idea
2001-07-12 21:16:57 (UTC)


yesterday was the opening night of a musical I was in, it
went soooooooo well afterwords 12 people came up to me and
told me I had the most beautiful voice, it was fun, and
it's gettign worse w/brian I LIKE HIM MORE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH
NOOOOOOO Y DO I LUV HIM soo much, he's freaking 24, what
amI doing I"M 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh I have to show u an e-
mail i sent to my friend at camp, ohh yeah pierre is
another hot OLDER guy

it's happening again, I'm in luv w/ brian and pierre
(mostly brian though) today they were gonna drive me home,
becuz brian thought my dad forgot to pick me up (which he
did) but they didn't :( I was sad. brian kept giving me a
hug, I was like why and he's like tomorrw is ur last day! I
was like ur so sweet, and pierre poured water on my head
and I was like ur a (cuss word) and then he was like u look
like a man, I was like WHAT?! I wasn't talking to him for
like 3 hours, then molly was putting on my make-up for the
show, and it actually turned out really good, and I looked
pretty, and I went up to pierre and was like "do I still
look like a man", and he was like in this little voice no,
lol. then I was sitting w/ brian to day and he was like I'm
so tired baby, like to me, I was like hmm yes. then he
called me big mouth, and I gave him this angry look and he
blew me a kiss, I blew him a kiss w/ my middle
finger ,'s been quite a day, and tomorrow is the last
day, I hope I get to couple skate w/ brian,lol I LUV YA,
tell LAURA AND MEGAN I LUV THEM TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey boys... I know ur gonna read this hehe

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