Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-07-12 21:12:31 (UTC)

I Believe in Yesterday

Current music: Yesterday by the Beatles (over and over)
Current mood: Pensive..a little worried

Yeah, this song is telling the story of my life, at
least at this time. "Yesterday, love was such an easy game
to play, now I need a place to hide away, Oh I believe in
yesterday...I said something wrong, now I long for
HE is back today, I think, and for some reason I lack
the courage to call him. We're best friends right?!? This
should NOT be hard at all for me, but it's kinda different
I talked to Amy yesterday, and she helped renew my
confidence in the fact that he really does like me and that
we should be together, because it just makes sense. What
is his problem with that? He should give this a chance
now, not later when the opportunity may be gone. I can't
stay and wait around for him forever.
Only a total weenie is scared to love someone. I'm
not afraid of what my friends think of him, me, or us.
He said he believes him and the x-girl (who he still
loves, I'm sure) are not together for a reason, I'm nearly
convinced that reason is me. I don't think I'm making this
up or blowing it out of proportion either. Everything that
happened on Sunday, he initiated it, I didn't. But I was
doing my best to give the good signals back, everything
short of putting up a sign that says, "YES! You know you
love ME!" We belong together, and if I don't throw up from
nervousness, I'm going to call him and tell him so right
now. Shaking but stayin strong, ~mandy