Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-08-15 19:58:11 (UTC)

Again? Now what am I doing?

Well, Saturday morning we left fer Florida. We're leaving
tomorrow morning and I'll be home on Saturday. I'm supposed
to go tonight to get my cartlidge pierced. But I dont know.
I'm not really fond of pain. Me and Tiffeny got into it
before I left. And it was all because I didn't like Adam's
hair buzzed. I didnt' even mean to offend her, but I did. I
know..I know, I can't do or say anything right. And now i
feel like i have become Tiffeny. Last Friday night after I
got off work I went to my ex boyfriends house. Not
Adam...Brandon. I dated him freshman year and we broke up
because he was a pothead and I couldn't deal with it. He
loved his weed more than me. Well, Brandon really got in
deep into the drugs and alcohol after we broke up and he
dropped out of school fer a year. Well, I saw him Friday at
registration and he gave me his number. Well, I ended up
going to his house. But he had a girlfriend who lived like
an hour away. But when he went to kiss me...I didn't pull
away. I know it was wrong, but I didn't regret it. It was
something I wanted and Brandon said that they were gonna
break up. Well, the other night I called him from my step
dad's cell phone and we talked fer about 45 minutes. Well,
now we're back together. We had to catch up and I know that
I'm jumping into things, but I really think it'll be good
this time. He knows what all I've been through and he knows
about Adam. LoL, he asked me if I wanted him to beat Adam
up, but knowing Brandon, he wouldn't do it even if I said
yes...but he told me that he'd give him dirty looks. LoL, I
dont even know if he'll do that. But anyway, I can't tell
my mom what's going on because she doesn't like nor trust
him, which she shouldn't and I dont know why I'm giving him
a second chance..but I am. But anyway, I better go put on
more lotion. I got rather burnt...Oh well, bye bye

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