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2002-08-15 18:14:19 (UTC)

ring ring ring

I got a new ring hehe. It's one of those cheap ones from
arcades and the like but it's cool. I've been wanting a ring
for awhile and so i was really happy when i got one yesterday
and i realized that was also the first ring a guy ever gave
me sooyay that's cool. Yesterday was awesome i met up with
soooo many people i don't get to see often. Including Teddy
who's awesome i really like him. I have a little crush on
him but i'm not getting stupid about it or anything like i
have in the past. He's just really cool and i like him. I
also got his number "in case the police call" I also hung
out with john for a while and his other friend jacob. They
are all such great people. I think Mirada had a good time
with them too. And i saw a friend of mine breifly and i got
to talk to my friend who i haven't talked to in years. We
are going to get together soon. Yesterady was just so much

I also recently came back from the big O. hehehe. In other
words Oregon. It was so cool there i got a whole bunch of
new stuff. Anyway...


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