My Confessions
2002-08-15 17:41:05 (UTC)

He made out with my sister!

Okay, so I called Christian and his line was busy so I went
on line to talk to him b/c i figured he was downloading
stuff, and i was right. So i im him and he's like "hey
sexy" and I'm like, " I have some really bad news." So I
told him that he made out with Collete at the party and not
me, and he's like "Yeah, JT told me." JT (i call him jay)
is my next door neighbor and one of my best guy friends (so
he can tell us apart). I was like what did he say and
Christian goes "He said 'good job buddy you got it on with
the easy twin'" I was like "oh, are you mad?" He said that
he was disappointed and that he thought he was making out
with me. I was like "so now what?" So yaaaaay we are
going out to lunch b/c he said he couldn't wait all day to
see me.

Now for my dilemma....so yeah Christian is hot, but now
that he got it on with my sister is it still cool for me to
go for him or is that sorta nasty?

Well i'm gonna go get ready for my date...does it count as
a date? I'm not entirely sure...oh well.