my so-called life
2001-07-12 20:22:32 (UTC)

just another day in the life of me

so i woke up at like, 11 today, and i was just sitting
there in bed going "wow." can you believe i'm still saying
that. wow. but for some stupid reason i told keith. [ a
supposed friend of mine] i never should have told him, but
i could not contain it. he was like" you can't get married,
you're too young" and all that other shit that people like
him say. but i don't care, i love bassy, so that's all that
matters.right? well i think so at least.
i'm talking to bassy right now, still saying wow. i am just
SO HAPPY! i mean, wow, i've never had this feeling before.
there aren't any words to describe how i feel now. i love
that, it makes it all more exciting. it makes the feeling
greater. and i just love it so much. *sigh* i'm in love.