Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-12 20:12:35 (UTC)


Here i sit, tomorrow is finally friday, and that means
counting tomorrow...i have 6 days left of class! Im so
excited! Oh god! I will have been here for 4 weeks,
tomorrow. I didnt think i would make it...but i did!! It's
kinda sad that i wont be here this weekend, the last one,
to spend with everyone. I'm going to Indianapolis tomorrow
to go to my brother's wedding. Im so excited...its going to
be so much fun!! I get to see my sister too! (she lives in
colorado...so does my brother who's getting married). i
cant wait! Oh i cant wait to go home next weekend, just to
lay down in my own bed...take a shower in my OWN
bathroom...actually im going to take a bath...im going to
sit and soak myself without having to worry about the
curtain blowing open from the high pressured water. Im
going to lay in bed for one day, and just watch tv with my
dog. I miss my doggy! Im going to go and chill with my
friends, whom i miss soooo much! But you know, im kinda sad
to leave. Im going to miss everyone that i made friends
with here. Ashley, Jaimie#1, Jaimie#2, Emily, Amanda, Emily
& Alex (the twins), Jen, Mandi, Rochelle. Everyone. (im not
naming them all. teehee). Atleast the jaimie's live kinda
close...we live within an hour of eachother...that way we
can get together. Aww i had such a good time!!! Im going to
miss em!! What am i ever going to do with myself? I'll have
to sit in my hallway at home and pretend im at the dorm and
everyone is sitting around me and its late at night...and
there's a damn ball bouncing up and down the hall.
HEY...atleast i wont be dragged down the hall by kenny,
though! Oh geeze...this had to be one of the best summers
ever...i never thought in a million years i would do
something like this. I didnt think id be able to stay away
for 5 weeks. But i did. I made it...im almost done. Welp
kiddies, im off to go to dinner at the dining hall. I know
i wont miss that for a fact. :Þ~ Ahhh yes...i have
started to pack too. There really is no place like home!