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2001-07-12 20:06:12 (UTC)

crackers? what??

i was in anothers car.
and your song came on.
the first song that i heard
during that ride.
and i should have known.
i should have thought.
but i didnt.
and so here i am
to sit and regret
disect why and how
i did what i did.
and although nothing will be fixed.
i know that i want it to be..
just okay.
i just want us to be okay..
sometimes i wish that i could explain
to everyone i have hurt
what goes on in my head.
why and how.
but i cant.
and i just need you to know
that i love you more than i should.
and i cant explain my actions.
and i cant express my feelings.
i just love you.
i just love you so much.
sex is just physical.
i love people yeah.
but sex is JUST that for me.
and i wish that i could tell
and give you everything.
or at least just make you happy.
but it seems like happiness
is bought only with lies.
and i CANT do that.
not with you.
im not pretty inside...
but i am me.
and i do.
love you.
and honestly
i dont know why you even care.
about me.

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