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2002-08-15 15:54:32 (UTC)

theres.summin.wrong.with.me! (send feeback)

i went to the new super walmart last night and damn it i
got sick i had to lay out in the car for 2 hours while they
got to shop! my mother said it was from the smell of new
stuff but i think its all in my head!

i swear everytime i think about getting sick in front of a
lot of people i actually start to feel sick! its
terrible... it happens like all the time except when i have
2 much on my mind to remember i may get sick

lol i try to keep my mind occupied so i dont think about it
but then summin always brings that thought to my head then
i start to feel sick again!

i wish i could stop it! i have a big party to go to
saturday @ the mall and if i get sick theres nowhere to
go!!! b/c i would never find the car there lol

its not fair i wish it would just go away... maybe i really
am sick maybe i have diabetes or summin i cant eat a lot of
sugar and if i dont have enough i get sick but i think
possibly from me making myself think i will get sick it
makes me nervous and my blood sugar level goes up and i get
sick? it could be that all the people around are crowding
me 2 because im clostraphobic or however its spelt!

i dont know what to do it sux! its that same sick feeling
as when you get nervous & think ur ganna puke lol the
weirdest part is i feel fine once i get out of public?

Mood: bLaH... -_-
Earlier Mood: pissed from last night but getting over it =)