Anand Bose

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2002-08-15 10:40:24 (UTC)

The Return of Cooky the Squirrel

The Return of Cooky the Squirrel

She came in as a silent solitary stranger, abandoned
with a large portion of tuft missing;
She grew up alien from her home but at home, growing in
parts, growing as wholes and then one fine day she left for
Time has passed with months changing as people change;

There was alway a wonder, about her as nature coming back
to humans; nature found her way of bringing her in need
and she left as nature, finding her way home to more
familiar terrains, being her love, life, hope as her way to
be free? Its a bit difficult to a accepct her as being
remembered as our little pet- the cooking of mischef and
yet she's very much herself without us, pure, boundless and
herself in hopping, streaking, running, chattering and
being freedom!
She grew and decided what she could be and we had to
decide what she couldn't be!!!
Time lapses and laps the months, days, seconds and even
ourself as timing ~ There was always a need for us to be
related to her as us? Its strange that nature, never lets
the human part to be human!
One fine day' after the spell of rain trickled to a
sprinkle, a small stranger came peering at the kitchen
door; she seem so shy at first, hesitating, then darting
back and then making an attempt; all of a sudden darted in;
It took us a few seconds to make her out as cooky, all
flowing in fluff and fur; her sojourn with nature had
apprently made her as graceful as the Ugly duckling of an
end. She had regrown her tail too and it gleamed and
glistened in hazes of light chestnut making us wonder!!!
She grinned and chattered a bit, took a few almonds and
then darted off to her pastures!
Cookys's homecoming is so silent with hardly a a fan
fare; there are no exterior traces of it in bustling
The silent way of nature kindling a previous memory and
an expereince into happier one as a present in present
makes nature a silent dialogue living and talking soul.
Cooky is soul nature as naturally cookingimplications...
Exodous and return has a nature, a soul to be sontaneous!!
Cooking Cooky is so natural and could be seen as a
question of nature writing the tree of History as its