Big whoaday
2001-07-12 19:03:16 (UTC)

It's been a while...

Dear Journal,
Hey! Sorry i ahvent wrote in a little while. Let me jsut
say onbe thing to start: Cmap was the best decision i could
have made and the best destination i could have gone too!!!
I was blessed so much and still and i learned an incredible
amount of stuff. I think the two best things igot out of
camp were: A refooting in my christian walk with god, and
2. A second chance to be friendsor more , with two girls
that i haven't been able to get along with in the past 11
months because of a big blowup we had!!1
I thank god soo Much for how he has blessed me and my
Friends, thank you Jesus!!! wel i gotta go , talk to ya

Brian Norris,
July 12th,2001