Cute Chaos

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2002-08-15 08:14:19 (UTC)

Football Practice

I got up today and like noon and sat around some more. It
is really boring around here. Rusty is supposed to stop
over, but we will see if he can keep his word. Amber called
this morning and asked if I wanted to go to football
practice with her. I said sure thinking of all of the hot
guys that would be there with the tight butts. Although...
this is Zach's football practice. It is going to be all
little kids. So no more tight butts.

I decided to make the banana split torte. It was kind of a
hassle putting everything into separate little dishes, but
it worked out ok. It took me about two hours. From pressing
the crust into to little dishes to baking the crust, and
them making the different layers. It was crazy. Amber
called me right in the middle of what I was doing to. I
guess it started to rain. I did not notice. She would get a
hold of me if the football practice was still going to be
held, other than that we were not going. The entire time I
was making the tortes, my little brother Chris' friend
Ethan kept bugging me. He kept asking me what I was doing
and what I was making. Then they sat down to eat some pizza
and we talked about a whole bunch of things. I think it is
cool how close Chris and I are getting. He is growing up so
much and is really cool to hang out with. He is funny as
hell to. I can see him breaking a lot of girl’s hearts. He
already is!

Amber called and we are going to go to the football
practice! She came over and I was still brushing my teeth.
I get out into the car and she has McyD's waiting for me.
She even got my nuggets! I love her! Gosh, it was so great
the entire way there we were listening to music really loud
and dancing in the car. It was great we sit there and laugh
about things and just have a great time, without saying a
word! When we got to the practice field it was all muddy
and MJ was running around. It was so cute; Zach turned
around and said, "Ok mom. I know what to do, now don't lose
me. Dad almost lose me yesterday and that would not be
good, so make sure you follow me." I guess I was wrong.
There was some pretty cute boys there teaching the kids how
to play football. I wish I could go to every practice with
her. Some lady sitting next to Amber asked if I was her
daughter because I call her mom when I am around MJ. It was
funny because Amber only looks in her early twenties, and I
am 15! When we were in the concession line there was a
little black boy behind us. His dad asked Amber and I if we
played and high school volleyball. I looked at this little
black boy and his eyes were AMAZING! He has the most
beautiful hazel eyes I have ever seen. I have only seen one
other black person with light eyes. It was so beautiful,
almost like a little bit of heaven (Even though I don't
believe in God!) We went with Zach to his second last
station. It was tackling, no big deal. I was going to go
back to the concession stand to get some more airheads and
I hear some whistling sound. MJ wanted to come up with me
but I just wanted to run up and get back, plus it was all
muddy. I looked back at amber and right over her left
shoulder was this HUGE cloud just spinning around itself in
the sky. Zach was almost up to tackle the bag again and I
started to yell at him to leave. I don't know what got into
me but I just took responsibility to get those kids out of
there. It did not even cross my mind to warn anyone else.
Right after I started to yell at Zach the bell for practice
rang and everyone scattered off of the field. We were one
of the first cars out of the parking lot, thank goodness.
It must have really scared MJ because the entire way home
he talked about it. I know that I was shaken up. Amber and
everyone got home safely. I think it just blew over. I am
not sure.

I guess Rusty never stopped over today. It kind of makes me
mad, although I knew that he was not going to stop over
because that is just Rusty. It does not really bother me
actually. I knew that he would not stop over.

I had another "great" talk with Tony tonight. He was being
such and ass telling me what to do and stuff. I don't know
what to do with him. I just try and keep my cool, even
though I am really pissed!, and talk with him. It is kind
of hard to talk with someone though, when they are in a
rage and really pissed. I am going to call him tomorrow
after work.

I am supposed to do something with Chris tomorrow. I am
freaking out over it because I have not seen or talked with
him in such a long time, plus I don't really have much
money to do anything. Although, hanging out with Chris is
always fun. We will see what tomorrow brings.


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