Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-12 18:44:23 (UTC)


I joined "Curves for Women" today. I always imagined the
place full of extremely gigantic women on lots of exercise
bikes, and I always thought it was kinda corny. However,
my mom joined last night and she got a free pass, so she
took me this morning, and I thought it was really neat.
After reading the names on the lockers, I realized that at
least 1/3 of all the teachers I had in elementary school
are members.

The set-up is very casual. It's a circle of resistance
machines with a jogging pad between each one and you switch
when you hear the beep. I'm not talking a circle like you
see in other gyms. It looks very informal and relaxed.
You go around the circle 3 times, and it takes about half
an hour. None of the machines really wear you out, but you
do break a sweat. Most of the time, you're just talking to
the other people working out anyway. I really like it.

I could have bought a package for a month for $39, plus a
$59 joining fee or 99 Days for $99 - the same price. Since
I'm going to college in a month, they told my mom that
they'd count my visits instead of the actual days, so that
should take me through the end of the year! While I'm at
school, I can keep it up at the rec center with Britanny.

I did almost nothing healthy this week. I did some
crunches. That's about it. But I lost 4 inches and 2
pounds, so I guess I did better than I thought I did!

It's crunch time! 34 days left until the big day. That
would usually discourage me, but now that I've joined this
program and seen that I've lost weight and inches this
week, I'm feeling a new burst of confidence that I can do

I'm going to go 5 days a week. It's not like it takes a
lot of time or that it's hard. But it'll work, and I paid
too much money not to use it! (There's motivation for ya!)

I'm not licked yet, and I'm don't plan on ever being
licked. Down for a while, yes, but not for good!

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