2001-07-12 18:30:18 (UTC)

July 12, 2001

Last night was neat. I hung out with Berm, Mikim, Eric,
Gabe, Ray, Mike and Richard. We were at the Marketplace as
usual. I swear we're there everyday... but, it's not bad,
I'm just glad that I get to see them all. Berm is doing some
rethinking and I think that is really good for her. Ray just
thinks that the chick he is dating is just getting cuter and
cuter.... hehehe he's funny. Dae is still on weekday
lockdown, so that's no fun. Hieu is good and it's her last
week of summer school. So then I'll have someone to hang
with during the day.... unless she's with her bf. The
extended family of Around four is cool, we have a lot of fun
with eachother, but when it comes to serious stuff Around
four is the best to talk with... and Mikim. Ray and I had a
really cool conversation at dinner last night. We talked
about the most random things... stuff that just intrigues
us. We didn't talk about our lives because we know all about
that ish already. It's actually pretty funny though, we
missed the showing of Final Fantasy because Ray accidentally
missed the exit, it turned out okay though because we ended
up watching Shrek. Life is actually getting better... well
actually I'm gaining a better perspective on it. I'm no
longer feeling bad about how summer is going, I guess I've
just learned to focus on making the most of what time I've
got left. It seems long now, but it's going to go by so