The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-07-12 18:26:16 (UTC)

Its been a while

Hey guys been awhile since i wrote to you guys. Well let
me tell you whats been going down.

First off Tricia is now in New York and will be here in 8
DAYS!!! BEST GIRL EVER!!! Love her to death. Excited yet
scared beyond belief.

Im going to the Blink 128 & New Found Glory Sept. 2 at the
New York State Fair. How cool is that. Like 2 of my
favorite bands. And Im going with my great friends Will,
Libby and Ashley. No I didnt put you guys in any specific
order I just put you as you came to mind. Its gonna rawk

Well in other news ive been working a lot. Gonna get
trained on line. For you non-pondo literate people line is
broiler. Good times, I get outta the dish room. Grammy
told me I should of reported the incident with Pat to one
of the mangers cause they wanna get rid of him!!!! Pat
biggest jerk ever!!! Well not really he just is a real
slacker. So anyways your probably curisous to the run in
me and pat had. Well first he was workin and he was about
to sort silver ware which takes him 20 minutes so I said I
would and he wouldnt let me. And the day before he wouldnt
let me wash and im a lot faster at washing then he is and
everyone was like why arent you washing and i was like he
wont let me. Well back to the big incident. Pat went to
get traps and he had 2 gloves on for some reason he didnt
any cause traps had already been pulled down and if they
hadnt you only touch traps with one hand. Well he picks
them up and starts walking. Well me being the type of kid
i am i go back to dish room and say "PAT DROPPED THE
TRAPS" i was just informing everyone and pat calls me a
F***ing A-hole. Only it was unedited and Laura Sarah
Brooke and Will and I all heard him say that. Thats when
grammy said i should have told a manger cause they wanted
to fire him.

Ive noticed my best stories come from work. Hmm I think
that place takes up my life.

Oh well today I woke up at 10 and ate some cereal. Then I
went out and mowed the lawn. Finished at noon and my
little sisters bitched at me cause they wanted me to eat
the disgusting chef boy r dee shit. *GAG* I ate some to
make them happy. Then I got on the net for awhile and got
off. Then I watched Talk Radio. Then I went and worked on
my room till 1:30 and know im typing to you fine people.
Well thats my life currently.

Tricia: BEST GIRL EVER!!! I love you so much. *HUG*
Libby, Ashley, & Will:BLINK 182 & NFG!!! Sept. 2 rawkin!
Mary: 8 days till Tricias here!!! Then 9 days with her!!

Every one else: YOU GUYS RAWK!!!

Laters everyone!! ;-)