My Heart and Soul....
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2002-08-15 06:26:24 (UTC)

Another Great Day!!!!

Well....the day started off kinda crappy. My dad and I went
over to Dryden to set up a payment plan for school next
year. That was shitty, cause it turns out it's gonna be like
$400 a month, because I can't get financial aid with the
Early admissions. So I dunno really what my parents are
gonna do. But they told me not to worry about it, so I guess
I won't. AND, we are having shitty luck finding a place to
live, which sucks, cause it's a real long way to drive to
work everyday. Hopefully something will turn up.

Then....added to that, it was TOO HOTT! I sat around my
house all afternoon, dying of heat exhaustion. Went to work
at 6. That was shitty, cause everyone was GRUMPY. I came
home in a terrible mood, and wanted to just crawl into a
hole and sleep all night. Then I found out I missed a phone
call that I was very much looking forward to. Which made my
night worse.

BUT THEN...my night got ALL better when *he* called back
around 11. That made my night. And although there were a
million people at my house while I was trying to talk on the
phone. I managed to shut myself in the closet, and have a
GREAT conversation. I finally got him to tell me what he
wished for the other night. ;-) Which makes me HAPPY! VERY

I think I found the worlds greatest guy! I'm gonna have to
lock him up and keep him forever. (And when *you* read
this... :-* smile...) For real though, in all honesty, I
can't believe I found someone who's so wonderful. I dunno
whats gonna come of it. Only time will tell....but...like I
said, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!!!

After I got off the phone, I chilled with my homies.
(thinking about *that guy*) Had a LOT os laughs...thanks
mostly to my man Willy. It was great! Thats what I'm gonna
miss when I go away to school. Hopefully they won't get all
stuck up and hate me. Cause I still have an 18th B-day party
in Nov.!!!!!

Well, it's 2 am, but I had to write, cause I promised I
would ;-). Now I have to go write someone a wake-up
e-mail.... :-D