My Confessions
2002-08-15 06:15:36 (UTC)

What to do?

Okay, so I talked to Collete.
This is how the convo went.

Me: Samantha told me what happened between you and
Cole: What did she say?
Me: She said that you pretended to be me so that you could
make out with Christian.
Cole (pauses and gives me this confused look): Okay look
Jules, it didn't happen like that.
Me: how did it happen then?
Cole: We were both really drunk okay? I thought it would
be funny to pretend I was you and things just got carried
away, i dunno.
Me: But Cole you knew that I liked him.
Cole: No I didn't
Me: Oh come on!
Cole: Well you should at least be happy that he wanted to
make out with you, i mean he thought that I was you.
Me: How can that make me happy?
Cole: I dunno. (she sorta ignores me and starts getting
changed for bed)
Me: I can't take this any more. (I was so mad that I just
left the room)

I mean how was I supposed to argue with that? She is the
most illogical person. Ne wayz, I was thinking about
calling Christian, but seeing that its so late and he might
think i'm an obsessive freak or something for being so
pissed about how he made out with my sister, i don't think
it would be a good idea. I guess I'll just wait for
tomorrow. For now I'm just gonna go to sleep and pretend
that Collete didn't just ruin my life.


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