It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-15 03:25:58 (UTC)

im dumb she's a lezbian, i thought i had found the one

...we were as good as married in my mind, but married in my
mind's no good." i feel your pain rivers cuomo. been there
many a time...except the lezbian part. i don't i know any
flat out lezbians, lauren's bi but you know. dawn at my
school is gay...eh, no biggie.
im supposed to hang out with nick tomorrow. we
haven't really chilled since he started to work for coke.
i've talked to him a few times, but we never got much time
to chill. his last day is saturday, he has a week off then
goes to up ferris. everyone keeps talking about him being
so irresponsible and such a pot head, so folks keep saying
he'll get kicked out or flunk out. i think he'll be ok. i
agree, he does need to do some serious growing up, but i
think that's what he's gonna do at school. it'll take him a
while, but he'll catch and he'll survive. im gonna miss
that kid.
rich is going to chicago for the weekend. he's going
with john to visit his cousin...john's cousin, kate. rich
applied there a little while ago. no word yet. he did just
about nothing at macomb, so he might not get accepted. plus
he applied really late. i kind of don't want him to get
accepted, cause he's one of my best friends, and a great
guy to wrestle. but that's selfish. i hope he does get in,
it'll be good for him. rich said that even if he doesn't
get in, he's gonna live in john's dorm on his couch. but
that's probably all rich would do...live on the couch, haha.
im a little tired. ill finish later.