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2002-08-15 03:00:19 (UTC)

and then there were angels...

this is what some people had to say about my last entry..
im assuming they were white ppl.

one nice gal wrote:

Hey, being white isn't always so great either. I mean, if
you think about it, we ALWAYS get burned in the sun,
our "soft" hair hardly ever even stays in a ponytail, we
can't jump, and if I even tried to do the heal-toe, people
would laugh at me like crazy. Now the fact that people hate
you because you are black, I don't think thats true. I mean
come on, how shallow can people be. Be yourself, and show
them that you are a great person. To tell you the truth, I
think black people are beautiful. Black people's skin looks
so soft, it's like you just wanna say, "excuse me, can I
just touch your skin, just once?" Just to see if it feels
as nice as it looks. And black people's hair. OMG don't
even get me started. It looks sooo good in braids. I got my
hair braided like that once, and it looked so stupid on my
blonde hair. And it always seems to stay in place. Now how
do you all do that? It's amazing. So you see, being black
is a very good thing, and you SHOULD be pround to be black.

(another one later said):

hello. believe me, you don't want to be almost albino. that
is pretty much me, and it sucks. people say i look like a
ghost, and that doesn't exactly make me feel great. i mean,
i know that i don't know how you feel, but i guess you just
gotta be happy for who you, that sounded really

(this one is from some dude named Ryan):

You should be proud of who you are. I mean, it really does
not matter what color you are.Anyone who looks at you
different just beause of your skin color can goto hell!

*** i was so shocked to find that people even cared about
what I thought. I started to cry. It was the most humane
thing I ever witnessed. Things like this show me that times
really have changed. God bless all of you who wrote me
because it has really opened my eyes to see the good in
everyone when I should've seen it all along. Thank you.***

thank you