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2001-07-12 15:43:35 (UTC)

Windfall Tides... and life

Well, I talked to Starfish last night and we're hooking up
for dinner & drinks tonight... I'm still having an issue
figuring out what she wants out of this "fling" (for lack
of a better word). She KNOWS about my girlfriend, she KNOWS
about Launch, and she KNOWS about Hometown. She really
doesn't seem to care....

After I called her, I called my girlfriend and we had a
wonderful conversation-- some days, the little things she
does/says makes me understand why I fell in love with her
in the 1st place, and makes me question what in the HELL
I'm doing to her now.

This is not some depraved sexual experimentation (although
it's rapidly approaching that with Starfish and was
intimate for a few months with Hometown), I can do without
the sex so long as the reassuring and supportive physical
contact is there. This is one of those things that I
honestly can't understand about myself, and can't expect
anyone else to explain it to me either.

Glad we're not married-- I'd be in WAY over my head then.

Somebody... anybody... everybody please tell me what the
problem is!

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