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2001-01-13 04:19:38 (UTC)

Reenee took Joe, Whit, and I to..

Reenee took Joe, Whit, and I to a coffee house thing. Coffee house my arse. It was a church youth group meeting. I
gave up on the Christian God a little while back- and now I know I do not regret doing so. I'm looking into the
Wiccan/Pagan thing. It's safe to say I'm 'window shopping' for a religion. I just haven't found one that suites me. I
like the idea of re-incarnation, because maybe my cat Jezzy, is with my again, and I like the idea of an after life
because I like to think my cat is also safe from harm.
Whit and Joe got into a fight, Joe was joking around, called me ugly, Whit being my best friend got ticked at
him, I really could care less, as I was too busy rubbing my pentacle and thinking of Jezz.
Whit and Joe are such an appropriate couple. I'd hate to be the reason they'd break up. Joey was harrassing
me all night though. He was licking his fingers and rubbing the saliva off on me, teasing me, and such. I got him
back, of course. I was eating these little cinnamon hearts and Joey wanted some, so I shoved them into my mouth,
spat them back out onto my palm, and asked him if he still wanted them. He said 'Yes.' That was a mistake. I
dumped them, dripping wet and bleeding their color into his hand. His face got red!!!
They made us stay inside, with all of the overly-friendly Christians. We went outside anyway, and got Reenee
kicked out of her Youth Group. Oh-Well. I suppose I'll care later. If she's lucky.

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