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2002-08-15 01:14:00 (UTC)

no fight n 2night

not a fight there was today. i was very suprised. well not
a fight i saw, or hear of 1. today was a boring day.
2morrow im going to get my nail done. thta's a suprise cuz
i never get my nails done. i haven't gotten my nail done
since like my birthday and that's in March lol. n my nails
keep on spliting and it hurts very much. so im going to go
back to the chinese people and get my frikin nails done
lol. wow, well i went to the club 2day. like at 2. b4 that
i went on here. and then i watched Charlie's Angels which
is a cool movie. but i still wanna c XXX :(. i think the
movie im watching now is Monkey Bone. yumm i just came home
from Carvel. i had buy 1 sunday get 1 free lol. i gave the
other sunday to my lil sis. n i had to by milk too. cuz i
need my cerael in the morning. oh yah i have to call all my
friends 4 this party im going to have. well talk laTTER.