my life
2002-08-15 00:29:21 (UTC)


today was better than usual cuz i went shopping. i dont
like to shop cuz i normaly go with my mom (i couldnt drive
and she did) but now that i can drive i take other people.
i dont mind going with her but she thinks im too picky and
stubborn. which is probably true to a point. when im with 1
of my friends i tend to try on more things and just go for
stuff i normally wouldnt try. so a friend of mine went with
me today and it was pretty cool. her boyfriend came to
which was funny. :) so when im with other people i forget
that im all alone in this world, besides my parents. you
know what i mean. then i came home and realized that theres
nobody that im looking forward to talking to. i have no one
that i cant wait to listen to their voice and know how
theyve been. im soo tired of being alone all the time!!
when i get thinking like this i get a lil depressed and
just down. right now i feel like shit. i hate when i get
this way but i cant help feeling how i do. ya know i just
realized that i havent felt this way for a while but thats
because of whats been going on. theres a whole lot more i
could say but i dont really feel like typing it all down so
i think ill stop here.
oh, one thing i forgot to put in my last entry...while i
was at the beach i played one on one against a few guys and
guess what...i beat them all :) it makes me sick cuz i know
im good but all these dumb people around here think i suck.
basketball used to be my life and what i pretty much lived
for. then that was taken away and i hadnt played for about
a year until i went to the beach. it felt so good to beat
those guys. sorry yall :) well im off now.

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