Reality Bites
2002-08-14 23:43:09 (UTC)

Falling back into that

Ok yesterday was a good day and then last night I kinda
lost it a little. I just really genuinely missed Luke. I
think I should also add that I did hook up yesterday with
my friend Josh and so I don't know if maybe that had
something to do with it or what-but I just missed him. So
he was online and i told him i needed to talk to him so he
got off and called me. I was like almost in tears on the
phone and told him how I couldnt not be friends with him,
and just apologized for being a bitch and promised him that
I'd be a better friend. Things were cool after that..we
talked for like an hour and then that was it. I'm just
gonna leave things and try and start over. I just needed us
to be cool going into the school year. I've been out all
day since like 10 and im HELLA tired...I've got to go to
practice in like 45 minutes so that sucks but
whatever...I'll write more later or tomarrow, but right now
I'm going to crash bigtime-Ang