Blind My Eyes
2002-08-14 23:23:49 (UTC)

things r lookin ^

today was a huge improvement on the past week, except, i
can't get michael to just leave me the hell alone... i
don't love him anymore and he won't get that through his
head... he told me that things like him grabbing my wrist
and leaving bruises happens all the time and i should just
live with it.... forget that... if he thinks i'm that
freakin stupid, he's got another thing coming... asshole.
i'm thinkin bout blocking his e-mail address and having
hannah's parents tell him to go away when i'm stayin at her
house and he walks down... thank god i don't live in
i applied for 3 different jobs today... one is lookin
really good, one is kinda lookin ok, and the last... well,
slim chance cause the boss doesn't want family working
together, but yet, he's let other people's family members
work there and my sis is gonna bring that to his attention.
hopefully i can get the job there cause that's my first
me and my mom are on pretty good terms.... after all the
hell that happened last week, that is definately a good
well, i'm out for now... gonna go see what else my ex has
to say cause i know very well he's e-mailed me by now...
what can i say to get the picture through to him????

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