Wally's Wackin' Shack
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2002-08-14 22:57:41 (UTC)

Just another Day

After Reading everyone else's Diary, Journal, what have
you, I've decided to make one for myself. I doubt anyone
will read this ever, but I guess it's a good way to vent.
My days lately SUCK! I find myself home alone all day, too
bored to watch TV, not tired enough for sleep, and Online,
that online part isn't a big surprise, cuz I'm always one
line. So, my oh SO Exciting day today consisted of
Me...Waking up........THANK YOU GOD! And I burned a CD for
a friend, got dressed, ran it up to work (he's a co-worker)
and went out to Lunch with an old friend I hadn't seen in
ages and came home. From 2PM and on, I kinda didn't know
what to do. I'm extremely ready to go to New Orleans. I
don't feel like I'm gonna miss anyone here in Virginia.
I've severed all my ties, I stopped talking to must of my
friends. I'm not too close with my family, I'm pretty
relieved to leave them. Except for my mom, with me gone,
who's gonna be here to counteract my sister's bitchyness.
I'm gonna miss my mom, I'm a BIG momma's boy. I can just
see myself, a week after I leave, calling home....."Momma,
I'm outta money, can you please send me some." I would
like to become a little more independent, but I dont' see
that happening. I'm a moocher. I'm just sucking my parents
dry.......EW....if you were thinking Naughty there. Life's
kinda sucked since my last boyfriend broke up with me. I'm
talking about the one I had in REAL life, here in VA, his
name is Kyle. It happend in May, emotionally I'm over it,
but it still hurts to think about it. He broke up with me
on a nice sunny afternoon, right after I had come home from
work. He had been back from School for two weeks, he goes
to Virginia Commonwealth University. That's in Richmond,
and an hour and a half away, so he'd come up about every
other weekend and we'd spend the whole time together. We'd
been together for almost a year. Our anniversary would
have been July 14th. I can honestly say he was the first
person I truly loved. I would have and probably still
would do anything for. I tell myself that if he came back
I wouldn't allow myself to consider a relationship as an
option, but I don't know, I could never say no to him. I
blamed myself for us breaking up, I'm pretty sure I
suffocated him, I was probably a leech. On the subject of
Ex's, the old friend I went out to lunch with is a guy I
dated while I was with Kyle. I was only with him for a
little less than a month. Lonliness got the better of me.
Dr. Dave is chiropractor. He just turned 27 in June, he
was 26 at the time we dated......what can I say?......I
like older guys....but I dra my line at 28.....maybe a cute
30. I went up to Dave's office, he works about 7 minutes
away from my new house. We talked about how we've been and
just pretty much caught up on what's happend the past 7
months. I broke it off with Dave.....Guilt sucks......and
I told him all about Kyle and how I couldn't do that to
him. If I had of just known what kinda JERK he really was,
I'd left his ASS and stayed wit Dave. But oh well, cie la
vie. Dave asked to take me out on Friday. I told him I'd
get back to him. Which means......I don't want you to
think I'm at him BORED OUT OF MY MIND.......and YES...I'm
gonna call you back tomorrow and say......YES PLEASE BIG
WALLS WHICH I CALL HOME. But, enough about that....I
wonder where he's gonna take me???? and OH GOD.....what am
I gonna wear??????? Well....I'll have to find something