Lady Marmelade

Days of Reality
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2001-07-12 13:07:58 (UTC)


i don't know why i made tat my msn name, cuz it's stupid. of
course it's stupid, i'm not even blonde. and in putting tat,
timmy and blair are only gonna laugh about it. according to
them, i'm an 'inner blonde' cuz i act like one. screw them,
so what if i'm blonde-ish or ditzy? at least i'm not a
geek, and i still get better grades than timmy. that's a lot
more than those can say for themselves. losers.

i'm going to the movies this weekend with roxy, yerusi,
kiki, allie, mark, brandon, tom, mike and mike's friend
adam. omg, i just realized we're going as 10 ppl!!! geez, no
wonder mike was like 'crap,why so many?' that's pretty sad.
how are we gonna sit?!? oh well, all i no is that i'm
sitting beside mark and probably beside roxy. if she's so
bent on sitting beside markyboy too, then i'll let another
guy sit beside me. preferably a cute one.

i swear, i seriously hope that mike is cute, or his friend.
no, actually i dont' hope that mike is cute. cuz if he is, i
won't be able to resist flirting with him, then allie's
gonna kill me. but wat if he turns out to be some ben
affleck look-alike? i can't let him get away. but he sounds
like some serious ass. yesterday on msn, he told me how he
looked like. then i asked whether or not he wanted to know
how allie looked like, he's like 'no'. so i asked him if he
wanted to know how i looked like, and he's also like 'not
really.' he didn't even want to know. well, surprise, mike!
when u see me in my major heels/pants (probably rainbow one,
cuz it makes my ass look big)/and my tight black
one-shoulder tank -- the guy's gonna be kicking himself for
being so damn rude to me. and allie's pretty too, so's ro
and yerusi and kiki, so if we all give him the cold
shoulder, he'll be regretting ever being stupid. yeah, okay.
good plan.

and guess wat else i'm gonna do at the movies? i'm gonna be
sitting beside mark (duh) and when a kissing scene comes on,
i'm gonna turn to him and lick my lips and go like 'wanna
see if we can top tat?' wink. then i'm gonna kiss him. if
he's square, then he'll be lucky to have me un-square him.
lol. another good plan. roxy's gonna kill me. oh well,
she'll get brandon. she likes him too, so whatev.