2001-07-12 08:18:19 (UTC)

"i dont know how i feel....

...but i wonder if you feel like me" -ani

yeah... wow its 4:30 and im so tired and i cant sleep....
familys guna be here tomorrow. there is so much on my mind
right now its not even registering... i saw nikki
tonight... shes actually more the same than i was
thinking... probably deeper. and bad things come with
being deeper i guess. so i guess its a good thing? i dont
know. im confused. im confused about EVERYTHING. and my
tummy hurts. i think i have cramps. im so tired. well i
talked to caroline tonight. i dont really want to write
about it. i still dont know. i feel like im always
fucking waiting for everything and its infuriating and
exhausting. and matt called me out of nowhere tonight.
that was weird. god. everything. whatever. i cant
express anything right now im too tired and confused.