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2001-07-12 07:14:40 (UTC)

boulders and back

and thus the journal begins...

I seem to be getting lazier and lazier. When I first got to
the college I was ontop of everything. Read all my books,
did homework everynight, etc etc. My how things have gone
downhill. I've skipped my first class three times this week,
and almost did again this morning. I feel sooo tired in the
morning, and I convince myself that I don't need to go.
(Which is probably true anyways. I don't know how Doctor
Bichindaritz got hired, she is such a pathetic teacher it is
unbelievable. You'd think a college level teacher
could speak English fluently...guess she slipped through the
cracks or was given special considerations)

Anyhow, I went to class, waste of time as usual...I can
learn more from the book, than from her. Oh well. Played on
the computer some, got tired again, layed in bed, almost
missed my next class.

I didn't want to miss lunch, so I left class early to grab a
bite. Wanted to make sure I had lots of energy for the

I really miss my best friend. He was here for a few weeks on
leave, but had to go back a couple days ago. Sure I see him
on the computer all the time, but it's not the same. When he
was here it was like old times again; stay up late playing
computer games, driving around doing stuff during the day,
doing stuff with his family, etc etc. But then all of a
sudden he's gone again, and it's back to nothing.

I don't want to think about it right now. I know it doesn't
have to be this way, but, I don't know how (don't want to?)
make new friends. Oh well, whatever.

So back to today; I drove out to the place I rock
climb..took way longer than usual, friggin road work. I
decided to try Barney's Rubble out again. I went straight to
the boulder we tried last time, and worked on it some more.
I finally got the swinging part down, and reached for the
final hold, I got it, but as I dropped down I shreded the
bottom of my middle finger. My god it friggin hurt, right on
the crack/joint, so every time I bend my finger there's lots
of pain now.

So I tried making a bandaid out of the sports tape I brought
with me (which, by the way, seemed to work on my shoes) but
the band-aid was less then adequate. It had been 2 hours
anyways, so I left.

Nothing much after that, ate dinner and watched the
cheerleaders (must be a cheerleading conference going on -
there are cheerleaders wandering all over the campus),
played on the computer, and now it's time to sleep. Have to
get up tomorrow, can't miss my first classes lab.

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