OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-07-12 06:27:13 (UTC)

~ KiSSeS So SwEEt thEy huRt ~

*sigh* What to do??? I don't KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! So I still
go with Terry right? Well, today me and Travis .... we
kissed !!! So here is the story

So, I go over back to Crystal's to go swimming and we
started talking about something and then I was like, what
time does Travis get off of work, and so she called his
cell phone and was like "Hey Travis, what time do you get
off of work?" And he said he wasn't at work and asked her
why and she was like "well me and brenda were wondering if
you wanted to come over and swim" and he was like "bet it
up, I'm on Dover Rd. but I'll be there in about 20" so we
were swimming laps and he shows up :) (actually Crystal
was, but you know) and then he jumped in and stuff, and
when we were in the pool, he kept lifting me up and then
this one time he grabbed my by my waist and like sat my on
his lap, like IN the water. I was so scared .. b/c I go out
with Terry. I mean, I wasn't SCARED, but .... y'know!!
*sigh* So anyway, me, Justin, and Crystal played chicken
and I was on Travis' shoulders and his necklace cut his
neck and my legs, it kinda hurt. But anywho, he keeps
asking me why I look so sad and he tells me I need to cheer
up. I dunno why, but he said I look pissed off. Maybe just
b/c I was thinking and stuff. But ... anywho~ Crystal told
him I would fuck the hell out of him ... I was like oh god,
and then Travis asked me and I was just .. hmm .. I
DUNNO!!! lol - But, Charles got there and then me and
Crystal were sitting on this raft and Charles, Justin, and
Travis jumped in at the same time and like splashed us, it
was cool! haha- But anyway, so, Travis went to go change
and he's like, "I call bathroom" b/c I had walked in the
house and I was like, "my cloths are upstairs anyway" and
he was like "well you can come in here and chill with me"
lol- It was crazy- lol, But then I had changed and he
knocked on the door and asked if he could come in and I
told him yea, but all I was trying to do was tie my thing,
cuz my shirt tied around the neck. And he laughed at me.
lol- But then he tied it for me :) And Crystal had went
downstairs to change and Justin, Charles, and Momma
Robinson was outside. So, Travis like touches my ass and is
talking about how I have like the nicest ass in like the
world and stuff like that and he touched it :) I love when
he touches me .. hehe, I AM SO BAD!!! GOSH! SO anyway, he
sits down and on the stool everything and he's like "Your
age scares the hell out of me" and i'm like ... ok. Then he
was like, you know you owe me a few things for that pool
game. And I was like, "yea, like what" and he goes "Like
head..." and I go "haha, yea GOOD LUCK" and he goes "I'm
playing, I'm sorry" and THEN he goes "Well, you owe me a
kiss" and I looked at him and ...... he leaned in and
BOOM!!!! WE KISS!!! And then he looks at me and smiles and
goes "Bet that" His kiss .. It was just SOO sweet.. (((* OH
GOD, TERRY JUST GOT ONLINE!!!! *))And then like I walk away
and he just kinda does this thing, like... he runs into me
or whatever, and, eventually he went out the door to the
deck and I go "OMG CRYSTAL!!!" So... yea, and then he
always touches my ass and stuff, so Charles brings out this
HUGE ass sword that he bought in Spain and Travis was
holding it and tells me to touch it b/c it isn't sharp, and
then he like puts it on my leg and did this smile, it was
just EVIL. Because we both knew what we wanted. It was
crazy, and then I was getting mad b/c the ONE day I have
with Crystal, Beth decides to be all phsycodic (sp?) and
stuff and like supposivly takes 16 anti-depressant pills
and shit, and then is like supposed to be standing on her
roof or some crazy, pyhsco shit like that. I'm just like,
OK- WHATEVER - and I was telling Travis and he's like don't
even worry about it.
When we were in the pool, he was like "I need to get you
out of your house" and I was like "uh huh .." and he
goes "yea, Friday or Saturday" and I was like where and he
goes "My house" :) hehe .. anyway, so ... Trav said he
didn't want me just for sex or anything- and then Crystal
was like, would you have sex w/ her once and then leave her
and he looked over at me and said "naw, she's too cute" and
like smiled and stuff, GOODNESS.... so ... I feel really
bad- And I .... think I might break up w/ Terry ...but I'm
afraid of how he will act and stuff, y'know? I can just
tell him it's not a good time and that since I'm going to
Flordia and stuff .... I dunno ~ * ~ Or that this long
distance thing is driving me crazy and we are just too
different. I wonder if he'll know it's got something to do
w/ Travis. I feel really bad b/c I can't even tell my best
friend Alicia about this- and I don't think she'll ever
read this again ..... but - if you do Alicia- I AM SOOOO
SORRY I DIDN'T TELL YOU!!! I just thought you would be mad
at me...
On another note, Bradley brought to my attention today that
when he used to hug me he would put his hand around my side
so he could touch my boob- I was just like ... OKAAAY!!!
lol- He's a dork- And we talked on the phone today for like
an hour and 15 minutes ... For some reason I have this
strange reason that me and Bradley are going to get
married. Not now, but like in the future when we are older
and stuff ... it's just weird ... *sigh* So anyway- I need
to go. For real. I have to wake up early to go drivin :)
But I'll try to write more later!
* XoXo *