Send me a Little Angel
2002-08-14 17:50:06 (UTC)

ok I am quite fine now!

Wow! this guy named David is totally being so nice to me
and I enjoy talking to him but lately I have been messing
around with him as in messing around as in playing like
having fun like water fights and other stuff! I really lik
ehim but hes leaving to college and hes so cute! and hes
smart and caring and he always seems to talk to me if I am
having a bad day and I do enjoy him. Oh well I will miss
him. I am so contiplating if I should ask him if I can
write him or even keep in contact with him. I really think
he thinks of me as a girl that hes knows off the swim team.
I hope that he doesnt say no. I just need to hurry and ask
cause he leaves in a week total! I am so going to miss him.

Oh and journal! I want to thank shoegal10 for that reply
and little note. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!