DayDream Believer
2002-08-14 17:38:02 (UTC)

I`ve been thinking

Every second with Tommy feels so right, he`s the best.
Last night he said no to work a few hours extra just so he
could be with me! He could have made a lot of money, but
insted he came babysitting with me, afther that he drove me
home and we sleept there.
That was the first time we made love at our house, I
thought I was gonna be weird but it was nice;-)
I had been wanting him all day so I guess the place didnt
matter, my family was sleeping anyway.

Tommy must be the best boyfriend ever, what ever I want he
will give it to me. (No, I would never use him!)
Can you imagine, some nights when Im sleeping he can stay
awake all night watching me. I love watching him to, but if
I wake up I just have to tuch him, kiss him and so on so he
wake up as well.
He feels so sorry for me who have to take all my things
from home to his place all the time (I come with a lot of
things) so now he has cleand out a shelf in is bathroom
just for me!!
Wow, Im so much in love with him.

So I`ve been thinking and thinking, and maybe thats my
problem. So maybe if I felax a bit, enjoy things and dont
look around for the next crices then I`ll be just fine.
Pour little Tommy, he`s been so worrid for me, but Im
better noe:-)

School starts on Monday, can you imagine?
I cant..
Im allready to bussy, how am I gonna make time for school?
And then I`ll have homework, have to study for tests and
exams, how am I gonna make time for me??
I need to be alone sometimes, I love it!
This is my senior year at this school, my last one, thak
I wonder how I will surwive, cause I really hate that
You see bad scholls on tv and think that they dont exist,
well they do, this is one of them.
I guess we are okey with the materiall stuff, some students
are smart and some dont even bother to try, thats normal ,
but the teachers are so lacy and the education so bad.
Some of the teachers have been study for a long time at
great University`s, but its such a long time ago since they
are all so old.
Thats a problem at our school, the avrage tecaher is about
65 years old!
And when they have a chance to retier they dont!
Oh, those stupid fools.
Sometimes then they are teaching or if we ask the a
question they just say" Im not sure but I think it used to
be...) what?? is that what Im gonna tellmy sensor if I have
to have an oral exam? "my teacher wassnt so sure about
that, so we just skipt it".
Oh well, just one more year. And its gonna be fun since we
are seniors.

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