lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-08-14 17:16:31 (UTC)

maybe...pretty much always means no

ahhh yes well i have had that song in my head for a
while...and now that i think of it, it applies.

so i called zach on saturday and i was telling him about
on the water...but then eddie pulled up and my dad &
bro were out talking to him & i realized i better save him
so i kinda rushed to get off the phone with zach...but
zach was sick & he said he'd try to come to on the water
and he asked for all the details like five times in a row
and then he started asking me questions but i told him
i had to go and he said, "ok, i'll talk to you tomorrow!"

buttface. didn't come. didn't call. ahh i give up. i'm not
calling him again.