The bald guy with one ball and stumps fo
2001-07-12 06:09:30 (UTC)


I just had the worst dream that I think I have EVER had.
It was one of those dreams where you wake up crying, but
also tells you just how much you actually care about
another person. It was about Megan. YES, I did wake up
crying. Megan had died, and I got a phone call. THIS is the
weird part, I had gotten a phone call and this person had
said that she died of natural causes, that her time was
just up. Now, that is wierd! She is younger than I am, and
I am 17 years old. (for 3 more days) Next thing I know, I
am at her funeral. EVERYONE is there. Her mother, her
father, her aunt, Matt, and me. I remember EVERYONE crying.
(including me) I remember going up to the coffin, and
looking at her beautiful face. It was weird, because she
was crying. She wasn't dead, but she wasn't alive. I
remember standing there with my tears falling on her
cheeks. That was the WORST dream I have EVER had! ALL of my
dreams are either really bad, or really weird! This one
takes the cake! It was both bad and weird. I called her to
make sure she was o.k. She was asleep I think. I hope
nothing bad EVER happens to her! I don't know what I would

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