Meshed Up
2002-08-14 15:17:37 (UTC)

sold nick

people back home call me candice, or candz. with a name
like candice, one would expect nicknames like candy, or diz
or maybe, cand. how candz came about, i truly have no idea.
it just did.

and somehow, almost every person i meet back home just
suddenly know that candz is my nickname. and when 'candice'
becomes too long for them, they call me candz instead.

i find it pretty amusing and endearing to hear my friends
here in melbourne call me 'candz' as well. the nickname
somehow reminds me of home. it sounds all right when the
people here say it of course. it just doesn't sound the

but it's all good really. at least, now some of my friends
here know the nickname that i have had all along. they
don't have to struggle to look for a shorter version of
candice without sounding or feeling awkward.


to make a resume, i have to sell myself. and how i shall
sell myself, i have no idea. the thought never crossed my
mind. some people sell their souls to the devil. some
people to god. i sell my soul to no one. maybe because i'm
not for sale.

but i do hope god can sanctify me purely. sanctify me
through and through until i am cleansed completely. i don't
need a shower...i need a bath.

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