§titch my wri§ts heal my wounds

46 §titche§ acro§§ my wri§t§
2002-08-14 14:50:13 (UTC)


oOoOohhh....shit i think i may have gotten myself into
summin deep...

Bad Stuff:
patrick seems mad at me now 4 sum reason! & ryan seems mad
at me for going to talk to ryan i dont get it!!!

Scary Stuff:
this weekend @ the movies with Ryan... i really hope he
doesnt pressure me to do "too much" with him i mean that
will be the 1st time we meet in person LoL

Funny Stuff:
LoL my sister is going to the movies with us too LMAO!

Annoying Stuff:
the new Super Walmart opened today carlisle is packed with
people from everywhere!

Good Stuff:
this weekend *going to Gadzooks* Getting more school

Cute Stuff:
My kitten Orion is sitting up at the foot of my bed
watching me type and its adorable he looks at the screen
then looks at my typing and his lil head is bobbing up &
down! he's a thick furred kitty his fur is 4 inches thick!
hehehe he will be a year in 10-17 i will be 17 in 10-31
he's a himalayan...

Mood: sleepy -_- ZzZz...
Other Mood:distracted =[

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