Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-12 05:28:58 (UTC)

Another day ... another experience

Ummm ..... so today wasn't really my day. I hate today.
Today being July 11, 2001. And of course you knew that but
I just thought I would tell you again anyways. But I woke
up .... cleaned around the house and once again on my way
to pick up Daria and Chris. After that it got really hard.
I told Chris what I thought I wouldn't tell him and I
honestly wish I hadn't cus it is something that is really
really hard to deal with. For the first time ever ... I
cried in front of him. And hell I might even cry now. He
wants to blame himself for this "incident". But I can't let
him do that. I love him ... no matter what. No matter the
situation. I love him soo much. And I said that I would
never cry in front of him and I cried in his arms. I just
really wish it wasn't for this incident that I was crying.
But life is life and I can't take that moment back. I could
have kept that "secret" with me and not told him. But a
part of me said he had to kno. Now I guess I wish I hadn't.
Other then that I had to act like my entire day
was "peachy". So I went with Daria to the mall and laughed
and had fun while I was crying on the inside like I have
been for two WHOLE days now. O well hey here I am on the
phone with Chris and I was just thinking about when he was
goin to call. I love him. :oD I dont kno what else to say.
I didn't think about much except for this "thing". Which in
a way is making me really nervous and scared. I dont kno
what to say or anything I dont really kno how to feel. I
guess I am lost. Like I suddenly lost all my thoughts. And
all I really feel like doing right now is being with Chris
and just sitting there and .............. just sit there
and ............ and ........... Cry.