My Life.............
2002-08-14 14:27:49 (UTC)

burned again.:(

I need to stop trusting people so much, i gave Bill
another chance and he stabbed me in the back again.:( he
went to Bobbys house lastnight and to the bar after i asked
him to go with me, he siad he doesnt hang out at the bars
much anymore, that was his excuse for not being with me,
well, im not my sister, im not sitting around waiting for
Bobby called me over when i was walking past his house, he
said he wants to be friends, i said ok, so we went to the
bar, and his cousin went along, it was nice, till he asked
me to go to his house, and stupid me went, his mother was
there, Bobby told me to come in to the house and his mother
said dont come into the house, and Bobby said yes, shes
with T.J, and he told her he was taking me home, she said
good maybe she can give him a blow job, and i started
bawling, and Bobby went in and yelled at his mother, i
thought he was going to punch her, she said something about
not deserving to be called some name, which i did call her
a troll, but, i only called her that to Bill, so, if thats
what she was talking about Old Billy boy went running to
her and told her, i know i shouldnt have called her that, i
dont like when people say stuff about me, but she had me so
mad, the woman hates me and i never did anything to her, i
just tried to love her son, anyway, she told me not to come
back, and Bobby told me to call him today, but, im not
going to, he was to drunk to remember anything anyway.....
so Bobby and i are just friends, he did tell me lastnight
that he stil loved me though, and it hurt to have him touch
me like he used to, i told him i didnt mean to hurt him,
but, he didnt want to hear it, and i can understand that, i
broke the trust he had in me, and i dont think ill ever be
able to get that back..........:(

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