The Daily Babble
2002-08-14 13:03:20 (UTC)


Need I say more?

Haha. Things have been really quiet without Jeff...I
don't really do much except spend some time with the
family and watch TV.

Yesterday I hang out with Nimra after work, she came over
for dinner and we watched the Shantek tape and
everything. It was fun.

Today Maria and Cathlin are coming over for dinner and to
talk about more wedding stuff...We've called and invited
Jill but since its at my house, I doubt she'll come.
We'll see what happens.

Other than that, things are REALLY boring so I'll check in
again when I have something exciting to write about. =-)

Ok Scratch that..since I wrote, something happened...Cathlin called
me and guess what? Jill is now coming tonite...BUT she's coming
with Cathlin because "they need to talk" which totally puts me on
the spot and now I'm practically hyperventalitating...someone help