Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-12 04:25:57 (UTC)

Wensday July 11,2001

*a note to Elizabeth.. hehe please tell me if my diary
makes sence... cuz I know sumtimes I get to writing and it
may not make sence... so please let me know that what u
read u understand thanks :)

*Time: 10:39pm (hehe 39 is my fav number)
*Wearing: Black jeans and 2Pac shirt
*Jewelry:My nugget ring, my cross ring, my cross neckless,
and my 3 bracelets... hehe yay I got my other one fixed
*Hair: Down and my bangs are in my eyes
*Listenin to: The tv... Golden Girls is on.... hehe yay
*Eating/Drinkin:Nothing/Just drank sum Pepsi
*Song of the day : "I Wanna Be Happy" a song Aj sang on
TRL Monday... I also gotta say sum stuff bout Aj in my
*Weather: Its dark... but it was sorta cool all day
*Talking to : No one
*Mood: Happy and Tired
*Thinking: Umm.... why does my man Aj have to be depressed
and in rehab for drinking?¿ Ohh yeah here are the lyrics to
his song... which he wrote:

"I Wanna Be Happy"

Sometimes I find myself 3 within me
4 6 And I need sometime to find true love
But if I don't then I won't stop trying
And if I can't then I won't live lyin, yeah
What do people really want? But to be happy
I wanna be happy...i wanna be happy

~~~~About Aj McLean~~~~

Everyone knows that I love Aj from BSB... I mean damm if
it wasn't for him.. I probably wouldn't be as "weird" as I
am... Well see on Monday I was watching TRL and at the end
it showed Aj singing the song "I Wanna Be Happy" I was like
umm.. I wonder what that was bout... well the next day when
I got online I had noticed I was getting a LOT of emails
bout Aj... so I read them...and they all said that on
Monday Aj had told the rest of BSB and all of his fans that
he was a bad drinker... and that he was depressed... and he
signed his self into rehab to get help.... I'm so happy
that he wants help... it is a big inspiration to me that he
came out and admitted he needed help with his problems... I
think that is one reason I love him so much... I mean if I
were a singer I dunno if I could bring myself to say that
to all of my fans... I just hope to god that the rehab
helps him... and he will stay in my prayers....


I woke up at 10am wondering why Adrian hasn't called me
yet... and wondering why he didn't call me last night... So
I was like ohh well and I went back to sleep...but the
phone rang so I quickly answered it... but it was Renee =-/
I was starting to be a lil angry... as I tired to go back
to sleep... not to long later my pager went off... it was a
voice mail from Adrian sayin this " Hey its Adrian I'm
sorry about not calling u last night I didn't off work
until 3:30am... Please don't be mad at me.... I would tell
u to call me right now but I'm waiting for my cousin to
call me so I will call u after he calls... I'll talk to u
then bye bye" I was like umm ok... and I went back to
sleep... lol well he finally called me like almost 2 hours
later... we talked until bout 2:10pm I think.... and then
he had to go cuz he had to get ready for work... lol
Umm... then at 2:40 I watched tv... BSB was at number
one... hehe yay!!! So that was a highlight of my day!!!
Then I watched part of this show called "Sink or Swim"...
that was sorta boring... so I decided to clean up a lil...
At 4:30 my mom came home from work...with David walkin in
behind her... She told me to get ready and we went to this
jererly place... then to Wal-Mart.... then to Na-Na's...
and on our way home I made my mom drop me off bout a block
from my house so I could walk to the park... and I ended up
running back home... it felt good but I was sooo tired
afterwards... hehe what can I say I'm out of shape... lol I
then got online... read sum mail, talked to Kelly, and now
I'm writing in u... lol I guess I went over everything that
happened I suppose.. so I will dip bye bye for now... hehe
and anyway my pager just went off and I'm guessin it is
Adrian cuz it is a voice mail.... so I really do have to go
now... lol bye