2001-07-12 04:04:01 (UTC)


Taken from my real journal (and changed a little)....
Sunday, July 8th, 10:30 PM
While I was asleep, Tenisha left me a message saying that
going to the mall was cancelled. Later, I went down town
anyway. I needed coffee and the new Green Day CD, Warning!
So I got a ride with my mom and her husband guy, who were
going to hear African drum music in the drug dealer park. I
got the wrong damn CD! They put it in the normal section
and it cost the typical $15 for regular CD, but it only has
3 reject songs and is not the real album at all! I felt
sooo UN-smart after that. Earlier, I went to the transit
center where dirty, crazy carless people hang out and wait
for buses. All these strangers kept staring at me and one
couple even came over to ask if I was okay! What the hell!?
Do I look like some sad, lost, little kid?! Then these two
extremely SHORT guys sat next to me and started saying
things in Spanish to me! Never-ending weirdnessness. A few
seconds later, I got on to a random bus and ended up in a
shopping center not far enough away, where I wandered
around for a little while. Then back to drug dealer park
(no one even tried to sell me anything- how
dissapointing...J/K). I stayed in the car listening to the
radio for a while...I actually felt bad today.

Wednesday, 7/11/'01, 7 PM
I woke up at 5:30 PM today! I'm oficially nocturnal and I'll be such
a pale freak when summer's over and I have to start being outside in
the day time again. On Monday night, I forgot that I'm a vegetarian
now and had a slice of pepperoni pizza. Eep. yesterday I took a bus
down town for my bass lesson. Bus rides are always like half an hour
in hell. I was right next to some one's pile of dirty clothes and
surrounded by insane trailer park people! My bass, in it's black soft-
shell case, is like a shield. And at the same time I hold on to it so
it can't be stolen by those people. I'm starting to love my little,
white bass! Heheh. So anyway, I got a frappachino of course. They are
so over-priced and a lot of people think Starbucks is evil, but I got
addicted long before I knew any better. Then I went to a consignment
shop (classy thrift store?) and got this little black shirt with
metal studs forming a kitty. My bass lesson started at four thirty
and was sooo fun! I've never had a teacher who I actually like before
(my ski teacher was an evil ogress-like bitch who I wanted to stab
with my ski pole!). Maybe it's because this one's a dude. I learned
the intro to "Welcome to Paradise"! I've never been able to hit notes
that really sound like something until now. So I practiced for an
hour yesterday and I'm going to learn this whole song damn it! Then
this one drummer guy who I know (ok, actually I know OF him) and I
could be in a band and he'd fall in love with me a stuff!!!
Heheh...OR maybe I'm just delusional. Yeah, yesterday was a good
time. No depression at all. And today basically just started for me
since I've
only been awake for a few hours...