Lenore the fool

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2002-08-14 05:19:48 (UTC)


Right now i feel like i'm glowing. I feel pretty and stuff,
which is good cause i was having 2 convos one where my friend
was talking about my other friend and how she makes him happy
and while i would never go out with him and have no interest
in him what so ever but it stills sucks to hear you don't
interest them you know. But then i was having this other
convo with my friend where we were talking and he basically
said i was beautiful...and i just feel so pretty and i can
feel myself flushing and no matter what anyone else says i
know someone thinks i'm pretty, attractive, beautiful just as
i am. And it's just soooo nice i feel girly and such as my
friend miranda puts it. Now he shouldn't be reading my
journal but if he does stumble on it or hehas it already and
is an avid reader thank you josh. You made me feel very