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2002-08-14 05:04:13 (UTC)

So Fresh So Fresh

Dear Diary,
Ok Where Shall I Begin?Well There Really Hasnt Been
Anythin Excitin In My Life Lately I Mean Its Basically Goin
Great!Ive Moved On And Im Sooo Glad No More Feelings
Towards That Person Nor Do I Care To Have Any!Ok I Checked
My Mail And Geeeeeesshh Did I Have Many Replies To One Of
My Entries Bout Friends(Geeeeshh Did Marci Chew My Ass Off)
Well Hopefully One Day She Will Understand How It Is!Other
Than That Well Actually I Had A Blind Date Monday(8/11/02)
With Amber From Irving We Went To Watch A Movie And Out TO
Eat!It Was Fun Ive Never Really Had A Blind Date Before I
Was Sooooooo Nervous Wooo Weee.At This Point i Dont Want
Anyone I Start School In Bout One Week And I Really Want To
Concentrate On This Year Since Its My Last Year Sooo Ya
KNow SENIORS 03 Baby!Oh And Im Goin Swimmin Tomorrow With
THe Sexiest Gurl In Tha World Whooo Wee Sexy Scilla LOL Oh
And She Asked Me Why Dont I Write Bout My Sex Life
Well.....Theres Many Reason For That 1) I Dont Want To Make
Myseld Sound Like A Hoe Nor To Brag Bout Shit PLus I Havent
Had Any Snikas Lately And I Really Need Some Soon Cause I
Think Im Going Cwazy hint Hint Folks Ya Need Some Holla!!!
LOL And Ill Write Bout Ya Here Names Kept Confidential
Anyways Daing Let Me Tell Ya Bout Friday Night Ok Well I
Decided To Go To A House Party I Was All Dressed Up Lookin
Fly Ya Know With Claudia And Jesse!Well i Tough It Would Be
Nice To Drink Before We Get There So Can Have A Great Time
While BussssN So I Drink And Mix It With Some Triple C's(12
Of Them Hoes With 6 Beers And Some Weed) Oh No Keep In Mind
I Havent Drank Nor Smoked Weed In How LONG?Mannnnn Did I
Fuck Up I Was Throwin Up And Gaggin All Night Long From 12
Till 3 I Didnt Even Get To Party! Owell The Next Day My
Stomach Was Hurtin Soo Bad From GGaggin What I Didnt Even
Have In My Stomach That i had TO Call In At Work And Say I
Had Food Poisoning!I Quit all That Shit On The Reals Cause
Anyways I Gots To Go Talk To My Recruiter From The Marines
And As Far As I Know I Can Have A Drug Test And Physical
Soon!Well Other Then That I Guess Ill Write More Shit
Laterz *~Manny Fresh~*