my life
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2002-08-14 04:55:17 (UTC)

back home

its been a while since ive written in here but thats
because i went to the beach for a week. my parents and me
go to nags head almost every year, but this year was a lil
boring. we stayed at pirats cove like we do all the time
which is really cool. this year i could of take a friend
but my best friend couldnt go cuz of bball and band camp.
she doesnt know shes my best friend so i guess we wont tell
her and let her figure it out one of these days :) anyways,
my dad gets really bored when he cant fish or swim in the
pool so quess what he got really bored this trip. the water
was too choppy, the wind was blowing a good deal, the pool
water was cold, and the hot tub was luke warm. so he was
terribly bored and ready to leave by wed. i didnt wanna
come home cuz i new id have to get back into my regular
schedule and everything would be the same as it was before
i left. so we ended up coming back friday night which ended
my vacation about 2 day early. next year will be really
cool though cuz im gonna drive down and my friend might be
going so there will be someone to hang around with.
there are some really hot guys down at the beach, at least
i think so. most of the people i talked to at pirates cove
were 14 and the hot older guys were usually with someone
else. how much does that suck? im thinking about either
next summer or the following summer going down there to
work. then i might actually get lucky and make some money
and meet someone cuz im not having very much luck up here.
im really truely thinking of going down there for the
summer cuz then id be really happy, away from the rents for
a while, living on my own, and being at the beach which is
what i love and think im gonna move to sometime later in
well i think my life is finally getting back to normal cuz
i told my friend(guy) that i just wanna be friends. i think
he got a little pissed about it but oh well cuz im happy.
he said he didnt know if he'd talk to me before he left so
that pretty much means that he wont. plus hes leaving soon
so i can move on. i dont have feelings for him so it wasnt
very hard to tell him. i had a lot to say before i got to
writing this but ive kinda forgot some of it so i guess it
wasnt very important. thats about it for now but ill be
back soon.

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