my mixed up world
2001-07-12 03:37:32 (UTC)

more bitching

ShaggMad: why did you do that?
Suziebrok02: do what
ShaggMad: do you really think i think i'm soooooo mcuh
better than you or something?
Suziebrok02: no
ShaggMad: then why are you so apologetic?
Suziebrok02: I'm just saying that I've been a bitch lately

Suziebrok02: it has nothing to do with you
Suziebrok02: really
Suziebrok02: I'm on edge about john and it's fucking meup
ShaggMad: well dont bring me into it... you dont have to
tell me everything about you two
Suziebrok02: fine, I'm sorry, god I didn't mean to
ShaggMad: now you're acting like i offended you... i'm
not trying to yell at you, but you give me a little too
much information sometimes- just stop making it seem like
i'm so arrogant, cuz i dont act any differently online with
you than anyone else
Suziebrok02: I'm not trying to, sorry I give you too much
info. I didn't think you minded. The only times I've told
you things about me and john is when I need some advice, I
thought I could count on you when it came to that stuff.
You could've said no when I asked you to help me out. And
what am I supposed to say to that? I'm not really offended,
just taken aback, I didn't expect that.
Suziebrok02: and I wasn't trying to bring you into it.
Suziebrok02: that's all I planned on saying about John

he won't respond. damn, what the hell is wrong with me?