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2002-08-14 03:43:54 (UTC)

High maintenance

I know I am high maintenance. I expect a lot. But from
the way I see it, I really don't expect that much. For
example: you say you will call, I expect to hear from you.
Is that asking too much? Sometimes it is.

Stephanie and I have been really close since we worked
together last summer. We always have a fabulous time when
we're together. The only thing I'd have to say that wasn't
perfect about my party a few weeks ago is that she wasn't

Stephanie spent the summer in San Francisco with
relatives. A few weeks ago, she called to tell me that she
was moving there permanently. While I was a little upset
that we wouldn't be as close anymore, I was happy for her.
She belongs in a city. A REAL city. I feel that I do too,
but I didn't have the opportunity that she did. Not yet,
at least. Anyway, she was still flying in as scheduled,
but she was supposed to spend two weeks here before she
actually moved back.

We discussed the possible things we would do while she was
here the night before her flight. I arranged for a time to
call her to find out how her work schedule was going to be
(she was going to find out the night she got back). I did
my part. Then it was in her hands. She was supposed to
call me back the next night after she got off of work so
that we could work something out to get together. She
didn't. That was last night. I had to call her tonight.

It really pissed me off because she is important to me and
I know I am important to her too...but for some reason, her
other friends have taken priority over me. I'm sorry that
my job is at normal hours and I'm no longer a waiter,
working at night or for brief periods during the day. It
just really frustrated me that I still haven't seen her,
she still hasn't made an effort to come to my new
apartment, and that she's seen and hung out with other
friends already.

Well, I finally got in touch with her and we arranged to do
something Thursday night...but that was only after I found
out that we are leaving much later than planned on
Thursday. We still haven't decided what we're going to
do. Also, she told me that she has decided NOT to move to
SF. I wish I could get to her sooner so that we could
discuss it more. I think she might be making a mistake
(other than the whole thing about not getting in touch with
me first!).

Tired...all for now.

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