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2001-01-13 01:12:05 (UTC)

*Shanen* Today was an..


Today was an interesting day. I had alot of tests, ashley
wrote ALL over my hand and arm "I love napkins" which took
all french class to wash off, and then I got outta school
early again, for my bball game. We played at Middletown
North, in a bubble dome thing. They won, but it doesn't
matter cuz they played dirty and the refs wouldnt call it.
I got punched in the nose TWO times!!! It still hurts, and
then i got elbowed(intentionally) in the collarbone, yep
gotta bruise. Well I guess that's girls basketball for ya
nowadays. After the game we stopped at Mc'Ds. Brittany was
sooo funny as to how...ditzy and barbie like she was
acting, and didnt even realize it. I mean she even returned
half of her food saying it tasted funny so she could get
new ones. I guess itz just one of those 'u had to be there'
moments, and the bus home was hilarious, everyone was super
hyper after those mc'flurrys, but i got tired so i sorta
spaced out with my headphones on for parta the ride. That's
MY day for you, nothing special, but nothing too bad.

Right now I have this sudden urge to just get up and start
running, running hard. I don't know where to exactly, or
for how long, I just need to get away from all of...all of
THIS. Maybe if I ran hard enough, long enough, and and far
off enough, all those little stresses, worries, and
problems would suddenly, just not be there anymore. I don't
need to worry about these things, and I guess I can take
it, but after awhile it gets pretty irritating and starts
to wear you down. I hope I pull through in algebra and
french. french--i have NO clue what my grade is, but I need
to get good enough grades to get into French3 next year, or
that will just toally through my whole schedule next year
off. And then algebra...well, right now my average is
probably a C, which has gotta be raised by the closing of
the marking period. I don't know why exactly, like my
parents would be disappointed, but itz mainly for me, I
can't live with a C, probably b/c I haven't had to deal
with any yet, and I sorta have these...standards...for
myself, and that is making honor roll, so I gotta get a
good grade on the test I just took.

Right now it'd be good to talk to Matt, but he is busy
babysitting, I am really really hoping he is free tomorrow,
b/c you know how I was saying how running was like
forgetting my problems? Well Matt pretty much has the same
effect on me.

I guess I'll go start on my homework, MAYBE clean my room,
and get some sleep.