nobody cares
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2002-08-14 02:58:07 (UTC)

things on my mind

my pool
melissa/her mom/ john
my brother/parents!!!!!!!!
guys who seem so nice at the beginning wich turn into
complete assholes
the heat in the house
people should be online
the door
i need to talk to the guy but i dont know how to get a
hold of M .....urg
african american guys YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY ;)
clothes dont fit
watch the wind
see my eyes and see wut u see
my tougue taste the things with thee
start trends
friends break promises
guys before friends i think not!!!
people i know:
butt ugly
previous b/fs
Stephane gr k
gerald 3
steven 5
randy 8&9 of and on (19 times)
kevin 9
corey 9
kelly 9
jordan(didnt count)9
justin(didnt count)10
james(didnt count)10
jason summer of 9 going into 10 (date summer of 10 to 11)
jon(fling partner only)summer of going into 11
and now no one
oh my new things
1. new words
2. yoga
3. no tv
4. no computer
5. all nighter
6. wake up in a tent
7. bought new shoes (havent bought shoes in forever)
8. gave great advice to several people
tommorow is day 9 does anyone have any ideas of a new thing
i can do for tommorow??????????????????????????