Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-08-14 02:37:04 (UTC)


right now im bouncin' up and down to dis song. i'z so
hyper. da last 2 dayz have been volleyball try-outz and
shit. itz been kool. i ran my mile and got 8:38. so i only
had to do it once i passed! dat score is really sad. my leg
whuz crampin' up cuz of dat damn doggie bite. my musclez r
tender. and dey kept tensin' up so i had to stop and walk
and like rub dem. silly me. newayz. we find out tomorrow if
we make it. and wut team we on. derz 4. varsity, den junior
varsity, A den B. i wanna make junior but i wont cuz itz
mostly for like older studentz and really good playerz. im
hopin to make A which is for freshmanz. i DONT wanna b on B
cuz dey only play like 6 gamez. when A playz like 14 gamez
and 2 tournamentz. i dunno. im mad at erin. cuz her whole
world revolvez round allen. and she like allen is my life.
and im like umm ok i odnt feel important. like he'z all she
carez bout. he aint her only friend. well he mite be soon.
i hear she pissin everyone off. well datz my story. i met a
lot of peoplez at volleyball. itz all good. and da football
playerz....hmmm sum r really yummy. and musclez. yumm. cant
wait to lick dey 6 pac. haha i'z a freak. no not really. im
an angel. laura da square. newayz derz my story!!!

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